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American Flag, Nylon

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American Flag, Nylon

Item Numbers: 1152151, 1152191, 1152131, 1152161

Nylon  American flag with sewn stripes, embroidered cotton stars header and grommets. Available in 4 sizes.

Our most popular American flag material. Nylon is the flag fabric of choice for outdoor American flags. If you've seen an American flag flying around your neighborhood it's most likely a nylon American flag.  Nylon is lightweight to fly in the slightest winds and treated with Solar-Max™ for bright, long lasting color. We use a top quality 200 denier nylon. Our nylon American flags feature full filled embroidered stars and beautifully sewn stripes to display a strong sense of American pride.

All of our American flags meet or exceed government specifications.

Made in the USA.

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