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Israel Indoor Flag with Pole Hem and Fringe

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Israel Indoor Flag with Pole Hem and Fringe

Item Numbers: 35259130, 46259130, 35243720, 46243720

The Crown Religious Isreal Indoor flag sets are furnished with the finest quality mountings.  These mountings have unusual beauty which complements the finest decor.  Each of our deluxe sets contains a highly polished two-piece oak-finish pole with our gold brass screw joint, appropriate top ornament, 9' golden yellow cord and tassels and The General stand.  Sets come completely mounted in a specially designed mailing carton. (You can also order only the flag. Select from drop-down.)

**Note: If you are buying more than one of the complete sets, they will be boxed together to save on shipping costs. You will be charged accordingly when your order is processed.  Please ignore the shipping costs in the shopping cart.