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The Superbrite FlagPole Light, Black

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The Superbrite FlagPole Light, Black

Item Number: SDI1776FL

This SuperBrite LED Solar Flagpole Light is vital for any U.S. flag-flying homestead or business. Solar powered lighting easily attaches to flag poles (as well as other outdoor structures), is adjustable and waterproof. Four 0.5 watt white LEDs (1 watt total power). Mono crystal solar panel: 5 volt/320 milli-amp. Battery: Three 1.2 volt AA 1500 milli-amp-hours nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries included. Plastic head and die-cast; aluminum Y frame with stainless hoop.

Light: 6-1/4 in. X 3 in.
Solar panel: 5-1/2 in. X 4 in.  

This light will work great to light business signs also.

Price $104.95