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CSA "Battle Jack" Flags: Confederate and Rebel Flags

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Confederate and Rebel Flags

Item Numbers: 311445, 35231840, 46231840, F2092, F1092, F3092, 23121840, 35121840, FWN2000, FWN2005, FWN2010, FWN2015, FWN2020

Flag-Works provides quality made Confederate flags that are made of 100% Nylon.  C.S.A. Jack "Battle Flags" , Battle Jack Flags... Confusion between the 1st National and the Stars and Stripes led to the making of this flag.  The Battle Flag had a blue saltire (x shape) that held 13 stars for each of the Confederate states bordered with white over a red background.  This flag now rectangular was originally square and was made in a variety of sizes out of a variety of materials.  Add these beautiful historical reproductions of the Confederate Flags to your collection or give as a gift.  Most flags are 100% nylon (unless otherwise noted) and are finished with a white canvas heading and brass grommets.

 Confederate Battle flags are no longer being made "Erase History and it will be repeated". We have a limited supply of them that are made in China, when they are gone we will no longer provide the country with the C.S.A. Battle flag.

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