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American Samoa (AS) Flag

For a long time, there was no centralized Samoan government and, as a result, no national or royal flag.  The flag of the United States was first flown in 1900, after Britain, Germany, and the U.S. agreed to partition ownership of the islands in 1899.  In 1950, the Office of the Governor solicited ideas for a flag from local citizens.  The suggestions were screened by the traditional leaders in Executive Council, and the final design was decided on by the Institute of Heraldry of the U.S. Army.  In 1960, the flag of American Samoa was officially flown on the anniversary of the hoisting the U.S. flag.  Dark blue was added to the Samoan red and white so that all three American colors would be in the flag.  The bald eagle, another representation of the United States, carries a "fue" in its right claw and a "uatogi" in its left claw.  The fue is a staff used by Samoan chiefs and is a symbol of traditional wisdom of the Councils.  The uatogi is a war club suggesting power of state.  Together, the fue and uatogi represent peace and order under American direction.  

American Samoa Flag Adopted:  1960

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Nylon American Samoa Flags

These top-quality flags are made from heavy-duty, commercial grade 100% nylon fabric for maximum durability.

Indoor Flag, Gold Fringe

Indoor American Samoa Flag, Nylon

American Samoa Flag, Nylon

American Samoa State Flag, Nylon

Polyester American Samoa Flags

Heavy-duty high-wind 2-ply polyester state flags in sizes 3' x 5', 4' x 6' and 5' x 8'.

American Samoa Flag, Polyester

American Samoa Flag, Polyester