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What size flag should I use on my flagpole?

The size of the flag depends on the size of your flagpole.

For house-mounted flagpoles:

Flagpole Height    Standard Flag Size
5'   2 ½' x 4'
6'   3' x 5'

For in-ground flagpoles, the rue of thumb is 1/3 to 1/4 the length of the pole is the length of the flag. See chart for options:

Flagpole Height    Standard Flag Size    Maximum Flag Size
15'       3' x 5'
20'   3' x 5'   4' x 6'
25'   4' x 6'   5' x 8'
30'   5' x 8'   6' x 10'
33'   5' x 8'   6' x 10'
35'   5' x 8'   8' x 12'
40'   6' x 10'   10' x 15'
50'   8' x 12'   10' x 15'
60'   10' x 15'   12' x 18'

The manufacturer recommends the above flag sizes. Flying a larger flag than recommeded may result in damage to your flagpole.

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How to attach flag to spinning pole using clear rings?

  • Unscrew the plastic screw from the EZ Mount ring that is attached to the flagpole, there are 2 of them.
  • Place the grommet over the hole of the ring.
  • Place the screw through the grommet and thread back onto the ring.
  • Only hand tighten – over tightening will crack ring.

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How to install snap hooks?


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How to properly fold a flag?

The Interment product base provides elegant and functional displays for ceremonial and casket flags. The cases are designed to fit an appropriately folded flag. Follow these instructions to ensure that your flag is properly stored.

Step 1: Begin with the flag parallel to the floor. It is best to use two people when folding the flag.

Step 2: Fold the flag in half lengthwise, crossing the red stripes over the top of the blue square and stars.

Step 3: Holding the flag so that the side with the blue square is toward the ground, fold the flag in half again lengthwise, bringing the folded edge up to meet the open edge (as shown) so that the blue square and stars are on the outside.

Step 4: Starting with the striped end of the folded flag, fold the bottom corner up to meet the open edge of the flag creating a triangular shape.

Step 5: Fold the triangle section in towards the stars, aligning the outside edge along the top.

Step 6: Continue folding down and across in this manner until the final corner remains.

Step 7: Your final shape should be a blue triangle with stars on both sides.

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How to charge the Solar Liberty Light before installing?

Make sure to fully charge your Solar Liberty Light before installing or using. Not fully charging your solar light may cause it to not work properly.

  • Remove the cellophane cover and lay the solar panel in an area where it can gain direct sunlight.
  • Place the product in the OFF position until it has had its first initial charge.
  • Charge time: 48 Hours
  • After initial charge, the switch may be left in the ON position.
  • Light will operate without further attention.

ON/OFF Button:

IN = Off
OUT = On

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How to install fiberglass flagpole with ground sleeve?

Preparation of The Foundation:
Dig a hole approximately 6 inches deeper than the supplied ground sleeve tube.

The hole should be approximately 18 to 24 inches in diameter of the pole at its base.  For soil that is soft or sandy the diameter should be increased to meet conditions and provide for a stable foundation.

Return approximately 6 inches of rocks back to the hole for drainage.  Center the ground sleeve in the hole and carefully pour cement around it, being careful not to get cement into the sleeve.  As cement is poured, keep the sleeve plumb.  Use a level on 2 sides opposite each other to check for plumb.  Fill hole until cement is flush, or within an inch of the top of the sleeve.  Allow cement to dry.

Flagpole Preparation:

  1. Remove the flagpole from packaging.
  2. Place the truck assembly over the top of the flagpole shaft and push it down until it is seated as far as it will go. Fiberglass poles; the fit will be snug and no screws are needed to secure it.
  3. Push the Halyard (rope) through the opening in the truck top. The ends of the halyard can now be tied together and stretched out next to the pole.
  4. If a flash collar is to be used, the bottom of the flagpole an be placed through it and the flash collar slid up above where the cleat is attached. Temporarily attach cleat to hold the flash collar up and out of the way.

Raising the Flagpole:

  1. The size of the flagpole will determine the number of people necessary to raise the pole. One or two people for a 20' and 25' pole. Two or three for a 30' or 35'.
  2. Raise the pole to an upright position and gently drop the pole into the sleeve. Rotate pole in sleeve until the cleat faces the direction you prefer.
  3. Fiberglass poles; there will be some amount of play between the pole and the sleeve. Use cedar shingles or shims between the pole and ground sleeve to steady the pole and plumb it. Use a level to check for plumb and adjust shims until plumb is achieved. Leave these shims in place.
  4. Fiberglass poles; When the pole is plumb, fill space between the pole and sleeve with dry sandbox or play sand to the top of the sleeve. Tamp the sand down firmly. Carefully break or cut the shims level with the top of the sleeve. Remove the cleat from pole and slide the flash collar down to cover the base area. Attach the cleat using the two machine screws provided, screwing it into the stainless inserts set into the front of the flagpole.
  5. Attach the snap hooks to the halyard. [See Instructions]
  6. Attach and hoist your flag. The halyard can be secured to the cleat (in a "figure 8" fashion).

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Congratulations! You can now enjoy the beauty of your new flag and flagpole!