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Kansas (KS) State Flag
The 34th state, admitted 1861

With both the Kansas KS state seal and the military crest on the flag, the Kansas state flag conveys much historical significance because Kansas was a state that chose to outlaw slavery in an area of slave states.  The open-faced sunflower, the official flower of Kansas, represents the fearlessness with which Kansas faces and solves its problems.  The Kansas state seal depicts much of what was happening in Kansas during the time of the pioneers.  A plowman is preparing his field for sowing, covered wagons are moving Westward, and Native Americans are hunting bison.  The steamboat represents commerce.  The rising sun and sky with its 34 stars symbolize the number of states in the Union at the time the flag was adopted.  The blue background stands for the loyalty of the people of Kansas.  

Kansas State Flag Adopted:  1927

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Nylon Kansas State Flags

These top-quality flags are made from heavy-duty, commercial grade 100% nylon fabric for maximum durability.

Kansas Flag, Nylon

Kansas State Flag, Nylon

Indoor Flag, Gold Fringe

Indoor Kansas State Flag, Nylon

Kansas Indoor Flag Set

Kansas Indoor State Flag Set

Polyester Kansas Flags

Heavy-duty high-wind 2-ply polyester state flags in sizes 3' x 5', 4' x 6' and 5' x 8'.

Kansas Flag, Polyester

Kansas State Flag, Polyester