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New Hampshire (NH) State Flag
The 9th state, admitted 1788

Although the general design used on New Hampshire's flag had been in use since 1784, it became official in 1909,with slight changes made in New Hampshire's flag in 1931.  The New Hampshire state seal is the focus of this flag, depicting an optimistic rising sun behind the Raleigh, which was a ship built for use in the Revolutionary War.  It is surrounded by a wreath of laurel, an ancient symbol of fame, honor, and victory.  The nine stars within the wreath show that New Hampshire was the ninth state to join the Union.  The water stands for the harbor of Portsmouth, and in the lower left corner is granite, a strong and sturdy rock, representing the New Hampshire/s rugged landscape and the sturdy character of the people.  New Hampshire's nickname is the Granite State.

New Hampshire State Flag Adopted:  1909

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Nylon New Hampshire State Flags

These top-quality flags are made from heavy-duty, commercial grade 100% nylon fabric for maximum durability.

New Hampshire Flag, Nylon

New Hampshire State Flag, Nylon

Indoor Flag, Gold Fringe

Indoor New Hampshire State Flag, Nylon

New Hampshire Indoor Flag Set

New Hampshire Indoor State Flag Set

"Live Free or Die" Flag

New Hampshire "Live Free or Die" Flag

Polyester New Hampshire Flags

Heavy-duty high-wind 2-ply polyester state flags in sizes 3' x 5', 4' x 6' and 5' x 8'.

New Hampshire Flag, Polyester

New Hampshire State Flag, Polyester