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First National Confederate Flags

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First National Confederate Flag

Item Numbers: 060267s, 35231860, 060269s, 060270s

Flag-Works provides quality made Confederate flags that are made of 100% Nylon.  First National Flags, also known as the Stars and Bars Flag was similar to the Stars and Stripes.  Seven Stars representing the number of Confederate states laid in a blue canton in the upper left corner with three broad red and white bars running horizontally.  Confusion between the two flags led to a change to the Confederate flag.   Add these beautiful historical reproductions of the Confederate Flags to your collection or give as a gift.  Most flags are 100% nylon (unless otherwise noted) and are finished with a white canvas heading and brass grommets.  Order your First National flag today. Didn't find your flag, give us a call. All Flags made in the United States.

This is a custom item.  Please allow 7-14 days delivery!